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Top Seven Books About Cloud Computing

With the rise of cloud computing has come lots of questions concerning security, reliability and the latest technology trends. Barnes and Noble is currently offering discounts on well-known cloud computing books from experts in the subject.

In Cloud Computing by Kris Jamsa, the basics of cloud technology are introduced in low-tech terminology for the individual user. Jamsa illustrates the rudimentary aspects of cloud computing for personal storage, backing up files and using cloud-based applications.

Lean and the Art of Cloud Computing Management by Gregor Petri offers a more high-tech look at cloud technology for business organizations. Petri shows how IT departments of any size can implement nimble and efficient cloud-based management systems.

Architecting the Cloud by Michael Kavis helps IT managers explore many of the existing cloud-based technology service models currently in existence.  With a vendor neutral approach, Kavis looks at the selection process IT managers face and how to make the best choices for their company.

Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise by David Linthicum offers a comprehensive text for IT executives, architects and developers. As a world-renowned expert on the subject, Linthicum brings an insider’s knowledge into the changing world of cloud technology.

In the highly readable Cloud Computing…Commoditizing IT, PH.D. Rod Kamai Ghani Agha predicts the virtual reclassification of typical service delivery models. Agha explores the new ecosystem of cloud-based technology and changing mind-set needed to adapt to this ground-breaking paradigm shift in the IT category.

In The Zen of Cloud Computing by Haishi Bai, case study style examples illustrate cloud computing at its best. As a former Microsoft employee, the author shares meaningful and helpful insights into using the Windows Azure cloud platform.  Cloud service fundamentals, cloud solutions, devices and cloud and system integration and project management are just some of the areas the author touches on in this intriguing text for IT professionals.

In Cloud Computing: Automating the Virtualized Data Center, authors Venkata Josyula, Malcom Oor and Greg Page combine their expertise to offer a complete guide for managing cloud-based infrastructures as service (IaaS) data center solutions.  This helpful start-to-finish guide helps IT professionals plan, implement and manage cloud solution architectures for their company in tomorrow’s virtualized data centers.

Whether you are new to cloud computing for your own technical needs or are an IT professional looking to expand their cloud-based technology know-how, this library of helpful texts will lead you down the latest paths towards innovative virtual data management.

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